Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fun in Fargo

Up North (in places like Fargo), Aunts are called "Aunties" and if I must say, I have the three best Aunties in the world. Auntie Bobbi, Auntie Janice and Auntie Betsy are my dad's three sisters and they really are such inspiring women. Every time I am with them, I am always amazed with their supreme hospitality. They sure know how to host a party.

Their hostess skills were in full force just a few weeks ago when they gathered the extended Hill family and hosted an "Auntie" shower for me in Fargo. An "Auntie" shower is the traditional shower that my aunts host for all girls in the family who are getting married. They have this shower down to a science. The menu is geared toward one they call a "lady's lunch" - one my nonnie would've enjoyed in the 50's. Formal silver, china, snacks and of course champagne :)

So, the date was set for my Auntie shower and my mom and I jumped on a plane, headed to Fargo (yup! Fargo in February) and spent the weekend with the girls. We ate, drank, told stories and laughed. The occasion marked my first bridal shower & they made it so much fun. They showed so much love and support for me and Tim and I am so thankful that these Aunties are a part of my life. I can't wait to celebrate with them on June 4th.

Auntie Janice and her granddaughter Josephine "JoJo"
Me and my Aunties
Janice, Mom, Me, Bobbi and Betsy
The "Lady's Lunch"
My cousins Christine, Jennie, Liza and Jojo
Me and my Great Aunt Kay
My sweet cousins Jojo and Ava

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