Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drink the Bar Party

What do you get when you add best friends, good food and lots of cocktails? You turn a "stock" the bar party into a "drink" the bar party.

When our wonderful friends offered to throw Tim and I a shower, I suggested we have a stock the bar themed party. Of course Tim and I wanted liquor to fill our bar, but what we really wanted was just an excuse to have an amazing time with our best friends and we knew a stock the bar party would do the trick. And, well it did.

Thanks to the amazing hostesses, Carol, Lindsay, Taylor, Kate & Lauren, there wasn't a party guest who didn't have an great time. We played flip cup (of course), Tim and I danced (of course), the gals had a little too much fun with the hair spray (of course) and all in all, it was a success.

Successful not because Tim and I have a bar that is now stocked, but successful because of the memories we have from what will be known as "that wild night at Twin's house."

In all, we are so lucky to have such amazing and fun friends and are thrilled that so many of them made it out to the party!

And now more than ever, everyone is welcome to join us at our house for a cocktail - our bar is stocked and waiting for you.

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Rachel Gray said...

Love it!! So much fun!