Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking Back Before Looking Ahead

When we rang in 2010 nearly twelve months ago, I had no idea what the year would bring. Looking back, its been a BIG year and my goodness, its been a whirlwind. I need a moment to reflect before I run fast into 2011. So heres our 2010 highlights.

  • Successfully moved into our house and turned it into a cozy home! We decorated, organized, settled in and LOVE every square foot.
  • Spent six months searching for the perfect couch and it was well worth the hunt.
  • Celebrated Tim's 26th Birthday.
  • We hit a heartbreaking moment when Tim had to leave his job. That time made us stronger. Since then, Tim started a new job that he loves and quickly advanced into a new role. In a year he's gone from estimator to project manager and now gets to travel across the state visiting job sites. Lemons for sure turned into lemonade on this one.
  • My work travels allowed me to visit new cities and re-visit some of my favorite ones. Let's see... It started with a very memorable trip to Las Vegas, then I spent a week in Los Angeles, a week in Austin, went on a quick, but long overdue first visit to Seattle, went to Aspen for the second year in a row, spent a weekend in San Francisco, then traveled to Seattle and rounded out the year with a visit to Chicago. Phew! I'm tired just thinking about all of this.
  • But in all of it I got to attend some great events. You could find me at the Consumer Electronics Show, SXSW in Austin, the AMAZING Food & Wine Classic and the Grammys. I made some great friends along the way and even rubbed elbows with some celebrity favorites (my most memorable was Giada!).
  • I got a promotion.
  • ...and turned 25.
  • Attended the nuptials of our dear Lindsay & Chase Whitworth, Amy & Clayton Wells, my high school BFF Anna and my cousin Ashley. Congrats everyone!
  • We made it to Destin multiple times (I made three visits, Tim made it down twice). Ya know, a year isn't a good one without at least one stop at Rum Runners.
  • Took a trip to Tampa to hang out with Onnolee. It was so much fun!
  • Rode horses at Tim's mom's farm in Alabama - jean shorts, cowboy boots and all...
  • Hosted the annual Braves game outing, and managed to go on a special charter bus ride with 50 of our closest friends.
  • Our beloved Auburn Tigers went undefeated and we were in Jordan-Hare to watch them beat Clemson, Arkansas, LSU and UGA.
  • Played lots of flip cup...had too many hangovers.
  • Put up our first Christmas tree.
  • And last but by any means, not the least, we got ENGAGED!! That moment on the dock was magical and the week spent in Captiva was the best vacation of my life. We would give anything to re-live just one minute of one of those days.
But onward and upward we go. 2011 is just days away and next twelve months have so much in store. We are kicking it off spending a weekend with friends in the mountains.

Ready or not, 2011, here we come!

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Rachel Gray said...

Just saw this post! LOVE IT! What a fantastic year! This one is going to be even better!!! Love you!