Monday, October 4, 2010

Engagement Celebration

The wedding celebrations have officially begun! This past weekend, my AMAZING bridesmaids got together to host an engagement party for me & Tim. It was so, so much fun and perfect in every way. You could tell that they put so much time into every tiny detail. It was a very special celebration for me & Tim and I am so lucky to have such wonderful bridesmaids. They are party planner extraordinares!

The party was "fiesta" themed - there was delicious food, great cocktails and they even had awesome mexican hats for me and Tim, and a pina
ta. The mustaches were a hit too. And what would a party be without a dance off and flip cup? It had it all.

I also finally found an opportunity to surprise Tim by coordinating J.T.'s visit to Atlanta. Tim and J.T. became best friends when Tim was living in Orlando. Tim didn't think J.T. was able to come to the party, but little did Tim know that J.T. and I had been making special plans. When we went to pick up my parents up from the airport, "surprise" - J.T. arrived too. Tim was so caught off guard, but so happy to see his friend.

Aside from the party (which was hands down, the highlight of the weekend), the weekend festivities also included a night out at the new restaurant that Tim built, a trip to the bridal dress store to try on bridesmaid dresses, lunch and beer at the Bucket Shop to watch the Auburn Tigers beat Lousiana Monroe and a finale brunch at Treehouse. My favorite part was having the dollhouse gals all stay over at our house - it was like old times having one big slumber party.

In all, I was just so happy to see all of our friends and family together to celebrate our engagement. Getting engaged (and planning a wedding) has been insanely fun, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as exciting without our amazing friends right by our side. Thanks to Onnolee Hickey, Laura Holland, Rachel Gray, Erin Thompson, Lucy Capps and Allie Pettigrew for being the best bridesmaids ever!!

The beautiful taco bar! Check out those gorgeous flowers.

One tequilla...

The best friends ever!

The Edelman girls & Timmy

Me & Tim with our parents

My cousin Darya came too Mustaches for all :)