Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catching up!

These past four weeks have been jam packed, and I've neglected the houseof20something. But I'm here to make a comeback. To bring everyone up to speed - here's everything we've done in the past month:
  • Visited St. Louis and hung out with my family
  • Spent a night out with the Kirkwood High School gang like old times
  • Went to my cousin's wedding which had salsa dancers!
  • Planned my own wedding! (I'm SO excited about the band)
  • Caved and got a cleaning lady (between work, wedding planning, football and traveling, I needed reinforcements)
  • Spent labor day on the boat. We went with friends to Shell Island and Crab Island - all while cheering on the start of the Auburn football season
  • Caught a baseball at the Braves game (Tim still can't believe I actually caught it!)
  • Went to the grand opening of the restaurant in Atlanta that Tim built. (I'm so proud of him :)
  • Welcomed another Hill family member to Atlanta (my cousin Darya just moved here for grad school @ Emory)
  • Helped out at the Ian's Friends Foundation Evening of Inspiration Charity event
  • Dealt with a broken pipe that burst and flooded our crawl space (all is good now)
  • Ran a 5K through downtown Atlanta with the Edelman team
Phew! I'm sure I forgot something on this list. But, goodness, it's been a busy, busy but wonderful month. And now, I'm glad to say the houseof20something is back!

At Flip Burger celebrating my cousin's move to ATL
Mom & Cousin Darya

Edelman girls before the 5k
Best Buddies on the boat
Party on Shell Island with Carol, Lauren and Kate
In our War Eagle swimsuits for the Beach Tailgate 2010
AH! Back on the water
The cake at my cousin Ashley's wedding
Father/daughter choreographed dance
Very cool decor
Me and Tim with Ashley and Hans
Timmy and my favorite Kirkwood High boys
Friday night out in Kirkwood
Miss them so much
Proof I caught the ball!
BFF's at the Braves game
I surprised Tim with "baseball hat" ice cream
Good times with Dustin, Tim and Abby