Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventures in San Francisco

My job gave me another reason this year to head out to the West Coast - this time to San Francisco. Yes, I had to leave Tim home alone again (don't worry, he fills the time by playing Xbox), but I was happy to be visiting California. The trip was a way for me to escape Atlanta's heat wave and also a means for me get out of the office and work in a different setting for a few days.

So I was off! The wheels went up on a Thursday morning and I was in San Francisco by lunch. Wow, the water was breathtakingly beautiful and the mountains too. There was a certain sense of freedom about the city and it was far from pretentious Los Angeles (nothing against my L.A. friends...). San Francisco was carefree. And at the same time, the city felt so patriotic, so American.

That's probably because of the Golden Gate Bridge. After two visits (my first attempt was in the early morning during San Fran's famous fog), I was in awe. Hundreds of tourists traveled from around the world just to see, walk or drive it - I couldn't believe all of the people. But after all, the bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of the U.S., so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by the mass tourism.

Through all the sightseeing (and work too), it turned out to be a great trip (thanks to Onnolee for all of the suggestions). But like I always say when I travel on business, "I can't wait to come back to this city for fun!"

So, San Fran, I will see you again soon (and next time, I'll bring Tim :)

A restaurant down on the Wharf
Edelman San Francisco is on this street! I stopped by to say hello
Lombard Street - San Francisco's "Crookedest" Street
The Golden Gate Bridge in the a.m. (cold & foggy)

The Golden Gate Bridge in the afternoon (hello, gorgeous!)
Me, and Carl & Katie (my clients from Newell Rubbermaid). This was taken at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. Bright and early.

We were launching a new stroller brand!
Gotta love the photo booth
Go team :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Harper

As much as I love kids, spending time with children is almost a rare occasion these days. I have lots and lots of young cousins, but they all live in different cities, and we've yet to have a close friend have a baby (we are too young!).

But when Tim's brother Josh (and his wife Brittney) gave birth to a little boy last November, Tim and I knew that we wanted to try our best to see Baby Harper as much as possible. We first met Harper when he was only five days old. He was the tiniest little thing and to be completely honest, I wasn't even sure how to hold him! Harper was so fragile, and so sweet.

Time flew by and almost nine months later we got to see Harper again. My how he has grown! From what everyone says, he looks identical to what Josh looked like as a baby and he is just such a happy baby. We met Josh and Harper for lunch in Birmingham (Brittney had to work) and it was so fun to spend time with the little guy. Now that the Wooten family has moved to Birmingham, we are hoping to see them more often! Harper is just too precious, I don't want another nine months to pass by before we see him again.

Baby Harper (5 days old) & Uncle Timmy (25 years old)
Baby Harper (9 months old) & Uncle Timmy (26 years old)
Look how cute he is :)
Two brothers and a little baby

Monday, August 2, 2010

Baseball, Beer and Bobby's Last Year

The Annual Atlanta Braves Outing started three summers ago. The occasion was invented to get everyone together mid-summer, and well, because who doesn't like baseball.... (oh, and because Tim needed an excuse to wear his beloved Braves jersey).

So, this year, the date was set (July 17), 45 tickets were purchased and we all went out to Turner Field to watch the Braves take on the Brewers. But how would we top the past two successful years of Braves festivities? We made the decision to rent a charter bus!

Not only did this addition provide safe and simple transportation to the ball game (while taking the dreaded Marta out of the equation), but it certainly gave us a reason to celebrate.

I'm pretty sure we didn't even need the baseball game because the bus ride alone was just that much fun.

In all, with the festivities starting early in the afternoon and going way past midnight (with a baseball game somewhere in between), the day was a success and everyone managed to have a good time. Probably too good of a time, given that it took most of us several days to fully get back to normal. But it was worth it. I personally needed the outing to help fill the void as I count the days until the return of football season.

So thank goodness for Braves weekend. Many more to come!

Tim and Dustin (Tim wearing his first jersey of the day)
Me and Timmy in our backyard
Woohoo! The Braves Bus arrived!
Atlanta Roomies Re-united
Love my girlfriends (Laura even flew in from NYC!)
The bus celebration
Turner Field
The gang (Tim in his second jersey of the day...)