Friday, July 16, 2010

Engaged on the Island!

Tim and I are engaged! I've been dying to share our engagement story with everyone, but life has just been a whirlwind since we've been back from Captiva. Now three weeks later, I'm finally taking a minute to write this post.

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm in love with a little island in Southwest Florida known as Captiva. My parents started going to this island in 1983 and never stopped. I spent every (seriously, every) summer on this island up until I was 19. Sadly, Captiva was nearly destroyed in 2004 due to Hurricane Charlie, my dad had to sell his beloved boat and The Hills took what felt like the longest five year break from vacationing on the island.

So how is this all a part of our engagement story? Well, 2004 was the year that Tim and I began dating -- and as much as our relationship grew through the years, it always just broke my heart that Tim never had a chance to see the one place that I loved the most.

As time went by, the island was pieced back together and as fate would have it, my parents finally said "2010 is our 30 year wedding anniversary -- and we are going to bring the family back to Captiva." The trip was booked and from that moment on, I was counting down the days until our highly anticipated return.

So fast forward to June 27, 2010 and my mom, dad, Tim and I were on the beach in Captiva. Tim and I had just arrived and we all headed out to the ocean. Little did I know, that just a few hours later, I would be engaged!

On our way to dinner that night, my dad turned the car the opposite direction from the restaurant and said, "Before we go eat, we have to show Tim our family dock." My dad parked the car and told Tim and I to head out to the water while he was "going to tell the owners of the complex that we were touring the property."

As Tim and I walked out, there wasn't a person in sight. The ocean was calm, the sun was shining and it felt so amazing to be back on that dock. Before I knew it, Tim was on one knee and proposed! To add to the excitement, right as he asked me to marry him a boat full of people drove by and cheered. It was so impromptu but just made the moment extra special.

My parents ran out (they were watching from behind the bushes the whole time :) and I've never seen them happier.

The four of us laughed, cried and were just overcome with excitement. It was a feeling that I really can't even describe in words. That hour on the dock was the best hour of my life.

I am so happy that Tim waited for this special occasion to propose (he bought the ring six months prior). Until that day on the dock, my heart belonged to Captiva. And now it feels good to say, that it belongs to Tim :)

Oh, and get your dancing shoes ready for June 4, 2011 in STL!!

Jules face was just so cute! I'll never forget how happy she was.
It meant so much that Tim involved dad in every detail of the planning.
Bling bling!
Captiva = Heaven
We had SO much fun
Bride & Groom shot glasses :)