Monday, June 21, 2010

Food, Wine & Coffee

Last summer, I was given the opportunity at work to manage the Starbucks sponsorship for The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. This was a challenging task, given that the event is the largest and most elite culinary festival in the world (one ticket is $1,500!). After hours and hours of planning every tiny detail, the event was a success and was super fun. I already knew that I wanted to do it again next year.

Well, my wish came true because I was asked to go back for the 2010 festival.

I've spent the past six days in one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, and yet again, the hard work paid off. I'm exhausted, but it was a blast! Here are some of the photos from the trip:

Food & Wine Classic 2010
Me & Michael (from Edelman L.A.) at the Welcome Reception
Me & Sanja (she's a PR pro from Starbucks) at the Magnum Wine party
The tents are getting set up!
A visit to the top of Ajax mountain - my favorite part of the trip
The full team (Scott from Starbucks, Michael, Sanja, me and Anthony from Starbucks)

Ahhh!!! I met Giada. She is absolutely gorgeous!
The Starbucks team and famous food critic Gail Simmons
The team at the famous Hotel Jerome

Will I do it all over next summer? I sure would like to think so!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Flowers are Blooming!

Tim's green thumb is working! Our yard is full of beautiful flowers & I wanted to share an update:

Tim planted all of that green grass!

Flowers by our mailbox.
Our mailbox trellis is my favorite!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trip to Tampa

The hardest part about life after college is that you no longer have all of your best friends under one roof. This past Memorial Day weekend I went to visit my college roommate Onnolee and I was so excited to see her. Funny though, that as excited as I was to spend the weekend with my best friend, I had no idea how excited I would be to actually see the rest of the clothes that used to hang in the closet we once shared. Somehow, sifting through those dresses and shirts again made me feel right at home.

You see, our closet in college was a little slice of heaven. It was a huge walk-in full of colorful, trendy clothes. It even had a window inside that led directly to our best friend Laura's bedroom (this is a long story :). We would all talk and laugh while picking our outfits for nights out. Those hours spent getting ready in college are some of my favorite times.

Anyways, other than feeling comforted by seeing those clothes, Onnolee treated me to a very relaxing and fun weekend in Tampa. She and her boyfriend Kelly have a great home and a wonderful network of friends. And while I certainly miss picking out outfits together and seeing each other every day like we used to, it was refreshing to see Onnolee so happy while being a part of her life in Tampa for a few days. Thanks for everything Onno! See you in Captiva!

Together at last!
Champagne and popcorn at Sex and the City 2!
Ahhh, the beach.
Drinkng Pina Coladas and watching the sunset in Sarasota.
House party. We made the rest of the group play flip clip, of course :)
Girls night out on the town is an understatement!
Music request.
Last night out at the marina.